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XJ1100 workover rig
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The power system of XJ1100 Workover rig adopts imported CAT engine matching with Allison transmission box. The special equipment is made up of mast, Drawworks, the driving device of Rotary table, the control system of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric, etc. Each system to cooperate to complete workover operation, the max. Static hook load is 1125KN, equipped with substructure and related accessories to do workover and well drilling operation.
1.The chassis adopts home-made special workover rig 10×8 chassis 2. Adopts 32m two-section telescoping mast, monkey board, has three kinds of adjusting height (17.6m, 20.2m, 21.2m), simple drilling platform is optioanl. 3. The auxiliary brake adopts S122 hydraulic brake and can equipped with pneumatic water cooling disc brake. 4. The main drum of drawworks adopts forced circulating water cooling, and pneumatic spray cooling system is optional.

The depth of workover

5500m 73mmtubing

4500m 73mm drilling pipe

The max. loading


The type of traveling system


Dia. Of rope



CAT C15/540 bhp

The model of gear box

Allison M5620AR


Clean height


The max. Static loading



The max. Pull of fast line

180KN the second floor

Dia. Of wire line


The max. Rotate speed


Drilling floor


3.5m /4m/ 4.5 can choose

Model of rotary table



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