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Front-mounted swabbing truck
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The basic structure of this equipment is truck-mounted moving type, it adopts second class chassis as mounting base, the framework is installed on it, the framework is chosen as a installing foundation for special working equipment and working platform. The front and rear support frames are installed on the framework to support the mast. The special equipments adopt mechanical transmission, its power is provided by the chassis engine, and the power is transmitted to the drawworks passing through transmission shaft, full power P.T.O and angle gear box, then the drawworks drives the swab moving up and down through wire line. The hydraulic system will take off power from side of the chassis engine.
The equipment has the following features: high operation speed, large lifting tonnage, reasonable distribution ratio of the transmission coefficient, long service life, high safety factor for mast, safe and reliable, reliable control etc, it is one of powerful production increasing equipments in oil field.

Max. lifting capacity (in the min diameter part of the drum)


Max. working depth


Mast structure

Mast type

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